Syllabus Outline (Electrical)

1st Year
Unit Title 
Communication Skills A
Engineering Applications
Engineering Drawing A
Engineering Fundamentals
Electrical properties of materials
Engineering materials
Electrical Power Generation Transmission and Distribution
Electrical Principle
Analogue Electronics
Digital Electronics
Engineering application of Computers
Microprocessor Workshop
Micro electronic systems

2nd Year
Unit Title
Communication Skills B
Management & Communication Studies
Electrical Principle (1)
Analogue Electronics A
Engineering applications of computers
Digital Electronics
Micro electronic systems 
Option 1 Power Engineering
Unit Title 
Heavy Current Electrical Applications
Testing Measurement and Reliability (power)

Option 2 Electronics Engineering
Unit Title 
Communications Principle (1)
Audio and TV
Measurement & Testing

3rd Year
Unit Title
Communication Skills C
Electrical Principle (2)
Microprocessor Based Systems
Project 1
Project 2
Option 1- Power Engineering
Unit Title 
Power Electronics
Electrical Power Engineering
Electricity Supply
Electrical Machine Control and Protection
Unitization of Electrical Energy

Option 2- Electronics Engineering
Unit Title 
Analogue Electronics (2)
Communications Principle
Colour TV Principle and Practice
Stereophonic Transmission and Reception
Microprocessor Fault Diagnosis


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